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Become a Mastermind Member to access exclusive Real Geeks training program, proven ad campaigns, custom website code and weekly Q/A's for Real Geeks Websites

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Master Your Website & Lead Generation

The goal of this mastermind is to master your Real Geeks website/CRM, and run multiple highly profitable lead generation campaigns

Proven Advertising Campaigns For Real Geeks Sites

We’ve spent over $1,000,000 running advertising campaigns specifically to Real Geeks websites & generated over 150,000+ leads.

In this masterclass we take your hand and give you our best performing campaigns and show you step-by-step how to easily build, run & optimize each campaign.

Optimized Real Geeks Website

Learn all the secrets and get access to cusom code to turn your Real Geeks website into a optimized high-converting funnel.

Full Step-By-Step Process

Nothing is skipped over. All videos are careful step-by-step tutorials going over all relevant information.

All Future Content Included

This program is a living product. It will continually be updated and added onto. 

Weekly Q/A Live Calls

Every week we host a live Q/A call to answer any questions, walk-through ad strategies & follow up to ensure success.

What You'll Learn In This Program

With over 25+ hours of content made by Real Geeks Experts

Part 1: Website Optimization

Real Geeks Backend

In-depth masterclass to learn everything you need to build a fully optimized real geeks website.

Advanced Website Set Up

Know the ins and outs and step-by-step how to turn it into a lead generation machine

Get Custom Real Geeks Designs

Copy n Paste pre made cusotm code to make your Real Geeks site custom & professional

Part 2: Building Your Lead Gen Machine

Custom Lead Capture Form

Utilize our suite of custom coded lead capture forms with a 2x conversion rate. Design it to be your own.

High Response Follow Up Sequences

Copy & Paste our highest response email / text drip campaigns to convert more leads.

Moderate Google Ads Campaigns

Learn the exact process on how to set up, and run highly profitable Google Ads lead generation campaigns For Real Geeks Sites.

Part 3: Advanced Advertising

Advanced Google Ads Masterclass

Build & Copy our proven $1,000,000+ advanced google ads campaigns specifically for Real Geeks websites. (Never shown before)

Free Organic Lead Generation

Get our 4 highly effective ways to generate organic free leads.  We go over everything, from setting up your profiles, to creating your offers, to crafting your videos, to the exact follow up scripts .

YouTube Ads

Learn our method on how to go viral and get in front of 10,000+ people in your area for as little as $100

Part 4: Increasing Conversions + Optimizing Funnels

Advanced Retargeting Sequences

Set up advanced retargeting funnels to double the amount of leads you convert and increase your booked appointments.

Conversion & Profit Tracking Sheet

Our detailed Conversion & Profit tracker sheet to know exactly how profitable you are, your ROI, Conversion rate for each ad platform & more.

25+ Templates & Resources

Get access to over 25+ templates, checklists, instruction manuals, and lead magnets that you can easily add into your business. 

COMING SOON: Scaling Your Lead Generation

VSL Funnels

Learn how to craft compelling VSL funnels to convert leads & book appointments without you having to manually follow up.

Mini-Course Offers

Learn our process on developing mini-courses to double or triple your conversion rate on your leads.

Google My Business & LSA's

Learn our stategies on creating a stellar GMB profile with LSA ads that results in direct phone calls.

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Monthly Mastermind


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Access to all current and future lessons with over 25+ hours of content

1-On-1 support & guidance via chat to help streamline your set up

Exclusive copy & paste custom code & workbooks so you know exactly what to do

We Review your ads, website & entire set up before launch

Community Facebook Group where all members collaborate and host weekly Q/A live calls.

This program includes a no-questions-asked, 14 day money back guarantee for licensed real estate agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is needed. All you need is a computer with internet and the willingness to learn and do the work. We show you how. 

Yes, the tutorials and content provided in this Masterclass is exclusive and unique to the class. Nothing is duplicated from the channel or is free elsewhere. Although I do have the YouTube related videos posted for ease of access.

Yes. The advertising campaigns can produce the same results, the only difference will be the conversion rate and follow up system. All videos are focused around Real Geeks, so you will have to know how to navigate the website you use. 

You will have full access to the program as long as you are a member. This program will be continually added to.

Yes. All members are granted access to an exclusive Facebook Group. In it you can collaborate with other members and share progress. 

Yes. You can use our strategies along side your own. 

This strategy works whether you are a single agent or have a team of 10+ agents. The great thing about our strategy is it is highly scalable. Meaning once you master one area, you can easily increase the budget and replicate it to new areas to grow. 

Yes, we will be able to communicate directly via email. Any time you have questions, you can reach out and our team will help. We will never leave a question unanswered.

About Me

1) Owned a real estate advertising agency for 6 years. Worked with some of the top producing agents in Real Estate. (That’s how I got good at this stuff, not some self-proclaimed guru)⁣
2) I’ve spent over $1,000,000 on Google Ads generating Real Estate Leads, and from those leads agents have closed roughly $10,000,000 in commission.

3) Worked with dozens of agents with Real Geeks websites and had success with everyone (Thanks to Real Geeks having an amazing website & CRM)

4) Scaled two ecommerce businesses to 6-7 figures over the past 4 years

5) I’m usually working out, learning or spending time with family in my free time

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