How To Double Your Leads Overnight By Optimizing Your Lead Capture Form

For Real Geeks Websites

If You Are Short On Time We Can Add This Lead Capture Form On Your Website For You Here

High Converting Lead Capture Form

With your regular Real Geeks lead capture form, you average around a 5% conversion rate. Which is higher than average, but still keeps you competing with other Real Geeks websites.

Our team of developers and advertisers have created a custom coded lead capture form with an average conversion rate of 10% (That’s 2x more than the original lead capture form)

With this new lead form, you’ll be able to increase the amount of leads you generate to your website, while cutting your advertising lead cost up to 40-50%.

Why does it convert? We’ve re-created the form to be simplified, easy to read & exteremly congruent with what the user’s are trying to do. 

2x More Leads

On average, we've seen a 10% conversion rate generating leads via Google Ads.

Reduced Cost Per Lead

Generating leads via paid advertising? Decrease your cost per lead by converting more of your visitors.

Fully Done For You

Simply tell us what color branding you would like, and we take care of everything else.

Get Yours Now

Single Payment


Custom Coded lead capture form for Real Geeks websites

Freedom to change the colors and wording on your lead capture form

We Install the lead capture form for you! No work required on your end

Know exactly how to change the lead capture form at anytime in the future!

BONUS: Get our 212-day high response email / text drip campaign to use to convert more leads

All orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.

How It Works

1. Order Capture Form

Click the button above and submit your order and get started.

2. Complete Form

Fill out the form with your website, login access, and colors

3. Setup Lead Capture

We begin custom coding + testing the lead capture form on your website

4. Live On Your Website

Once it’s ready, we’ll publish it live! Start watching the leads roll in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We only work with Real Geeks websites and this lead form is for any website created by Real Geeks.

Yes, once you checkout, there will be a form for you to add any other wording you would like, or to resort to the original copy to remove the small wording delay.

Not directly, the lead capture form’s conversion rate will be improved. So if you are generating traffic and people are landing on the property detail page, the likelihood of them entering their information is higher.

If you want to remove the custom coded lead capture form, simply email us at and we’ll take care of it. 

About Me

1) Went to school for Computer Science only to drop-out to start my digital marketing career.
2) Owned a real estate advertising agency for 6 years. Worked with some of the top producing agents in Real Estate. (That’s how I got good at this stuff, not some self-proclaimed guru)⁣
3) I’ve generated over 150k real estate leads, mostly through Google ads

4) Worked with dozens of agents with Real Geeks websites and had success with everyone (Thanks to Real Geeks having an amazing website & CRM)

5) Scaled two ecommerce businesses to 6-7 figures over the past 4 years


*We are not affiliated with or representing Real Geeks. RE Leads is a separate entity that uses Real Geeks services and has clients that use their services.*

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