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Get High Performing Google Ads Campaigns That Generate $5 - $10 Leads Consistently

Custom For Real Geeks Websites

Turn Your Real Geeks Website Into A Lead Generation Machine & Get Cheaper Leads Than Your Competitors

Optimized Advertising Campaigns

Wether you need your ads optimized or new ads created from scratch, we handle everything. From website optimization, tracking pixels, market research right to the creation of the ads.


We show you exactly how we set up our ads and how to easily optimize it without the need of a $1000/month agency. We send you a personalized video walking through the ads so you understand how it works & then what metrics to look for to optimize it monthly.

7 Years Experience

With over 7 years experience running advertising campaigns for Real Geeks websites. 175,000+ leads. $1,500,000+ on Google Ads & over 100+ Real Geeks clients.

Rise to the top

The Goal

The goal of this program is to build multiple high converting advertising campaigns that generate between $5-$10 per lead and educate you on how to easily maintain these campaigns.

count on us

We Work with You

Trying to create a success advertising campaign requires a lot of experience & knowledge. You will experience road bumps, ads not performing, ads dying out. That’s why we set you up for success at the start, and educate with you on an on-going basis to ensure you are always performing at top quality without hicups.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

What You'll Get In This Program

Real Geeks Website optimization

We'll review your website optimization and conversion flow and implement improvements.

With our optimization techniques, we can increase your conversion rate to a consistent 5-10%+.

High Converting Google Ads Campaigns

We'll build, and design your custom Google Ads campaigns using the same strcuture that has generated over 150,00 real estate leads with Real Geeks websites already.

Our strategy has been refined over the past 7 years to generate high intent leads for as cheap as possible.

Training & Support

We'll record videos walking you through our entire ad setup, how we did it, why we did it, and we will show you how to easily manage your campaigns moving forward.

Plus, we'll always be around for support months after your ads are live.

Our Experience

Our secret sauce comes from years of developing and fine-tuning a process that was made for Real Geeks websites.

$1,500,000 Spent On Google Ads

Our team has spent over $1,500,000 on Google Ads for Real Estate.

175,000+ Real Estate Leads Generated

We've generated over 175,000 real estate leads for our clients via Google Ads.

$10,000,000+ Comission Earned By Clients

Our clients have closed over $10 million dollars in comission from leads generated through our Google Ads.

See Our Past Results

If you’re spending $15+ per lead – We can cut your lead cost in half – Saving you thousands per year – For a one time fee


Optimizing Ads

If you setup your ads yourself and need them optimized
  • Significantly Reduce Your Lead Cost
  • Spend Less Time Managing The Ads
  • Ads Are Optimized In 72 Hours

Custom Built Ads

If you want new ads fully created for you (includes optimizing old campaigns)
  • Generate Google Leads For $5-10
  • Fully Optimized High Convering Ad Campaigns
  • Optimized To Perform Month Over Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is needed. We take care of everything. All you need is a computer with internet to give us access to do it for you!

Yes & no, the tutorials and content provided on YouTube is only a small portion of the entire campaigns we run.  Majority of the setup (website, advertising, emails etc) is tailored to you, rather than a one-package fits all. 

Unfourtunately no. Our speciality is Real Geeks websites & we like to stick to where we can bring the most results.

Yes! We can review your current advertising campaigns and implement changes based off those ontop of adding in our custom campaigns.

This strategy works whether you are a single agent or have a team of 10+ agents. The great thing about our strategy is it is highly scalable. Meaning once you master one area, you can easily increase the budget and replicate it to new areas to grow. 

Yes, we will be able to communicate directly via email or text, whichever you prefer. Any time you have questions, you can reach out and I’m here to help!

About Me

1) Owned a real estate advertising agency for 7 years. Worked with some of the top producing agents in Real Estate. (That’s how I got good at this stuff, not some self-proclaimed guru)⁣
2) I’ve spent over $1,500,000 on Google Ads generating Real Estate Leads, and from those leads agents have closed roughly $10,000,000 in commission.

3) Worked with hundreds of agents with Real Geeks websites 

4) Scaled two ecommerce businesses to 7 figures over the past 4 years

5) I’m usually working out, learning or spending time with family in my free time

*We are not affiliated with or representing Real Geeks. RE Leads is a separate entity that uses Real Geeks services and has clients that use their services.*

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